I Hope the Bull Wins

by Noise! Lights!

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released July 13, 2018

Eric Amerman - Drums, Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Matt Clayton - Bass, Vocals
Tyler Lemons - Guitar, Vocals
Blake C - Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Katie Scotellaro - Vocals on "Screaming in the Whaleheart"
Sasha Kanarski - Vocals on "Hardcore Talk" and "Technicolor West"

Recorded at the Bughouse in Carrboro, NC and Super Mario Studios in Durham, NC.
Mixed by Noise! Lights!
Mastered by Nicholas T. Petersen at Track and Field Recording


all rights reserved



Noise! Lights! Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: I Hope the Bull Wins
An unfair fight,
to be stabbed twice
before bucking into the ring.
Outside the arena
of wrong and right,
the truth lies and that's where we'll meet.
With your red cape high,
virgin "Toro!" cry,
where you end, that's where I begin.
To all you clowns,
with your thumbs down,
I hope the bull wins.
I hope the bull wins.
I hope the bull wins.
Track Name: Hardcore Talk
After two hundred sixty-three steps on the sun,
my beard grew oh so long.
I was smitten with some strangers.
Smitten with some strangers.
Smitten with some strangers
and they were so smug.

But that was just hardcore talk,
stashed away from the dance flow.
With the hardcore talk,
escape with me through Polanco.
With the hardcore talk,
we're experts now because we speak real loud.
With the hardcore talk.
Hardcore talk.
Hardcore talk.
Hardcore talk.

No, this wasn't a one night stand.
Hell, they were sitting for hours and hours
as the band tore up the stage.
The white girls yelled,
"Play some more gringo music!"
"Play some more gringo music!"
"Play some more gringo music!"
What they know about race relations?
Track Name: Screaming in the Whaleheart
Trapped and waiting in the whale heart,
the blood red shadows turned teeth into stars.
The tide drew you in and the blueprint fell from your hands.
Matters of the heart are best left unplanned.

A shark shoots flames al fresco
but is tamed and scared when swallowed.
I've never felt more alone than at twenty-three,
the bumble crumbles and gives way to reality.
Did you feel the same way at thirty?
When degrees and jobs speak in half-truths,
my head wears more than my shoulders can carry.
The weight of the world scares me, too.

We drowned our worries in a bottle and we kicked it out to sea.
They crashed off aortic walls and fell to the floor, piece by piece.
We bellowed like sharks as we danced on the shards.
Our screams burst the whale heart.
Track Name: Art Culture Cadence
We laughed at your art culture cadence,
penned diatribes on subway walls.
Everything that means nothing at all is someone else's fault.

Have you ever seen the sun rise?
It's just another pick-up line.
Did it make you want to toss your clothes
or did the reek of desperation clog your throat?

Cobblestone street, please caress my feet.
Take me home, I've got promises to keep.

She stares down at the city scene,
her whitestone eyes are a distant plea.
You can eat your cake, but keep your hands clean.
Track Name: Technicolor West
You don't have to Lindy Hop
six-story brownstone tops,
your yellow-belly flop said enough.
Cut those chains with your teeth,
and ride that bike into the East River Sea,
but we're such cowards when it comes to love.

Take a swig, it'll put hair on your chest,
they stir whiskey with nails out in the technicolor west,
and tell stories that never end.
So we took a sip, it made it easy to lie
on your back, to my face with a satisfied sigh
and now I can't drink you out of my head.
I can't drink you out of my head.
I can't drink you out of my head.

It took a glass and a grasp under the dark cover of night
for lips to act so bold.
I promise you we will never grow old.
I promise you we will never grow old.
I promise you we will never grow old.
My promises are starting to grow old.
Track Name: Prom Song and Dance
Are you haunted by a lover's past?
Those lovers where never meant to last.
They're the prom song, the awkward dance.
Sweet memories better left in the past.

Keep me awake until sunrise.
Fill me up with my favorite lie:
We will stay the same until the end of time.

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